This is a webcomic for San Francisco Giants fans, about San Francisco Giants fans, and centered around the San Francisco Giants universe.

Why do something like this?  Why not?  Giants fans are a fun bunch.  Heck, look at the team they follow.  It’s a lot of fun personalities (and one boring one).  The crowd in the stands match them.  How do you think Philadelphia fans would’ve embraced that beard?  Or Mets fans with some wirey-looking batboy pitching?

But at the same time, Giants fans have been through a lot.  They’ve had to live through constant threats of the team leaving town.  They’ve seen hall-of-famers roll through the city over the last 60 years, and walk away without a trophy.  They’ve been condemned by association with Barry Bonds…and many fans stand firm in rooting for him, even if they didn’t always like him.

Baseball is still considered an East Coast sport by many.  Look at the national TV schedules, and you’ll see Boston, New York, Philly, Atlanta and others most of the the time.  But on the West Coast, we love our team just as much.  It’s a different kind of love.  It may have a lot of despair, it may have a lot ups and downs, and it is definitely different.  But we have our epic rivalries.  We have gorgeous stadiums in classic cities.  We have trophies now, And sure, we may have sushi with our garlic fries.

But we are lunatics.  Winning the Series, or not, we are Giants.

So why not have a comic about us?

Enjoy it, San Francisco.