The story about Giants fan Bryan Stow has been sobering for a lot of people this spring, even as we get excited for baseball coming back.

To help Stow and his family through this tragedy, our friends at the Tied House Brewery and Cafe are holding a fundraiser on Monday to watch the Giants and Dodgers play their first game at AT&T Park this season, and remind everyone that this is a friendly rivalry between the two teams.  Big emphasis on friendly.  Booing is allowed.  Razzing is allowed.  Punches are not.

The fundraiser works as such: $15 dollars gets you 3 pints of beer, light ballpark-style appetizers and the ability to watch the game in the Brewery’s Beer Garden at the back of the restaurant.  All proceeds go directly to Bryan Stow’s family fund.

You may even run into a certain writer there after he gets off of work.

For more information, check out this link.

Enjoy the series, and please, enjoy it the right way!