It’s almost Father’s Day.  Do you know what you’re getting your Dad?  Another tie?  Really?  Let SFDugout and SF Lunatic Fringe help!

SFDugout and SF Luantic Fringe are teaming up to give away ten sets of the San Francisco Giants: 2010 World Series Collector’s Edition DVD Set (Click Here to See More information), by A&E Home Entertainment and MLB Productions.  Beginning Wednesday, we’ll start posting trivia questions during Giants games, and the prize is one of these DVD sets, free!

You are standing here, and you are not standing alone.

You are standing with the person that taught you the great story of the San Francisco Giants, whether it be your dad, or your mom, or your friend or your sister or your grandpa.  They taught you right.

They taught you you had to be loyal, you had to love your team.  And to a man on this team, this 2010 team, back in August, they plugged into you.  And you fueled and energized this group, all the way through the crazy month of September.  And into what was an epic month of October, and what was one glorious day of November.


And you have but one responsibility.  And you owe it to the person that taught you the good book of the San Francisco Giants.  You need to pass this story on.  Keep this love alive.  And when you tell this story, simply tell them: ‘We’re the Giants!  We’re San Francisco!  And we’re the World Champions!’

-Mike Krukow, Nov. 3rd, 2010

The story of the SF Giants can more easily be told with one of these DVD Sets of the World Series, by A&E Home Entertainment and MLB Productions.  These DVDs will always bring back great memories of Tim Lincecum, Buster Posey, Cody Ross, Brian Wilson and all of the Misfits who brought San Francisco their first World Series Championship!

How do you win these DVDs, and keep a memory for a lifetime?

The trivia questions will be provided alternately on the respective Twitter, Facebook and online forums for SFDugout.  The times for these questions will be posted in advance; simply be the first to answer one of the questions correctly, and you will get the DVD set!

To prepare, subscribe to the Twitter feeds for @sfdugout and @sflunaticfringe, say that you ‘Like’ SFDugout and SF Lunatic Fringe on Facebook, and register for the forums!  (Click any of the links above for a direct link to the respective pages)

If you don’t use Twitter, or Facebook, don’t worry, you can still win a DVD on!  And keep an eye on and to learn when to be online and win your DVDs!

And remember, even if you don’t win, this box set makes a wonderful Father’s Day gift, which you can pick up by heading over to the store!

Updated: Trivia Question Times Announced!

Wednesday 6/15: Twitter!  First two readers to answer each of the questions correctly win!
7:30 PM – @sfdugout
7:45 PM – @sflunaticfringe

Thursday 6/16: Facebook!  First two readers to answer each of the questions correctly win!
7:30 PM – SFDugout Facebook Page
7:45 PM – SF Lunatic Fringe Facebook Page

Friday 6/17: Forums!  First two readers to answer the question correctly win!
8:00 PM – Forums