It’s sometimes hard to tell what the audience of The Lunatic Fringe is.  Is it mostly Giants fans, who are new to the idea of webcomics as a form of…anything?  (I hate to say it, but many fans are still allergic to the idea of blogs, even if they’re the ones done by the beat writers.)  Is it mostly webcomic people, who may not have a direct connection to the Giants but can appreciate the universal humorous appeal of poking fun at statistics, underperforming people and occasional hitting of balls with bats?  (Very occasional, with this team.)  Or is it just some Venn Diagram overlap of the two?

Well, this is for the benefit of those who don’t know about the webcomic community out there.  And also for those who want The Lunatic Fringe to succeed.

The Lunatic Fringe is now linked to two of the major webcomic directories out there.  You can see their ads at any time on the left hand column of the page.  Now, these directories like to rank comics.  With ‘The Webcomic List‘, I don’t really know how it’s calculated, though page views and updates have something to do with it.  With “Top Web Comics” however, it’s simple: people vote.  You can vote once a day, and every month, the voting resets.  In those little boxes to the left, you can see our up-to-the-minute rankings.

So here’s where I beg you for affirmation: Vote for us!

What does voting do for us?  Frankly, just more recognition.  I admit, The Lunatic Fringe is a bit of a niche.  It’s aiming at fans who are fairly localized, and yet that same intended audience can be somewhat technologically averse.  But the more that The Lunatic Fringe gets out there, the better the comic will get.  Would you like to see us get published five times a week?  If we can increase our views, which will increase the minimal advertising revenue we get, we can increase the time we spend on the comic.  And both Rog and I would love to go daily.  Maybe we can even pick up syndication in a local publication!

What does that do for you?  Honestly, nothing.  Other than giving us more opportunities to entertain you (which I sincerely hope we do), you don’t get anything for the minute of your day it’ll take you to vote.  But we really hope you will help us help you.  (Oh geese, I can’t believe I’m quoting Tom Cruise at this point.)

The goal I’m setting?  Top 100.  The truth is, we aren’t doing so bad.  We’re in the Top 1,000 already, despite there being over 18,000 webcomics out there (according to The Webcomic List).  But we still have a three digit ranking.  To me, that’s the webcomic equivalent of having a batting average of a bingo number.  So let’s get it up there!

So, that’s it.  Help us.  Vote for us.  Chicago style (once a day).  Click the link for TWC below, and vote!  And as for the other one?  Well, click on their link and check out some great comics, but there’s no voting there for now.

(Click on image below to vote!)

Vote early and often, A.K.A. Chicago Style!  (Or, if you're talking about an All-Star Game, Yankee Style!)