Sometimes, it’s nice just to be nominated.  Screw that.  We want to win!

SF Lunatic Fringe was just nominated for the Best Local Online Cartoonist by SF Weekly in their 2011 Web Awards!  Rog and I got the tweet from them last night at the Giants game, and our first reaction was “Wait, people are reading?”  After that, we got excited and are now making plans for the awards party that probably don’t involve spandex tuxedos.  Probably.

Please go vote for us!  We are nominated along with three other local online cartoonists.  Readers vote through August 30th, and then the top three finalists advance.  SF Weekly’s panel of judges will then pick one of those three as the best of the group, to be announced on September 2nd.

If you’re new to the Lunatic Fringe, and are coming in to see if we are indeed worthy…Hey, nothing speaks like our comics do.  So, if you want to see a few comics that represent what the Lunatic Fringe is, without trolling years…well, um, months of archives, here you go!

Where Barry Zito gets some protection after his Pre-Opening Day Car Crash.

The Craze over some ‘Free’ giveaways.

Why you don’t let executive management make player decisions. 

Why the seagulls really come to the park in the 8th inning. 

How you really analyze a trade’s winners or losers. 

What Hollywood should REALLY do for their next big crossover blockbuster.

So, that’s us!  Please vote for the Lunatic Fringe!  (Find us in Category #15)