So, in the second round, with the 64th overall pick, the San Francisco Giants picked up Ryder Jones.  He’s another high school shortstop, this time out of North Carolina, though he’s expected to move to third base at the next level.  He was also listed by Baseball America as the #197 prospect.  Taken with the 64th pick.  Other sites didn’t bother listing him.

However, it’s reported that Jones has some real power in that left-handed swing of his.  So let’s take a look at it.

What the hell was that?

His front leg is one of the most distinctive pre-swing movements since Todd Linden’s dog-leg-peeing step.  That knee looks like it’s going to collapse.  Then, he swings his hips.  A few seconds later, his hands follow.

Wow.  That’s a mechanical mess.

Now, to be fair, much of Jones’ low ranking may have to do with his commitment: his plan was to go play at Stanford.  There are few schools more expensive to buy a commitment away from.  In the second round, the Giants won’t be able to spend too much without hamstringing their other picks.  That’s especially true with a possibly expensive first round pick.

But if the Giants sign him, they’ll have to work out a lot of issues.   And with the Gary Brown struggles, I’m not exactly trusting the Giants to be able to work out a funky swing.