In case you didn’t know, SF Lunatic Fringe is a part of the Baseball Blogger’s Alliance.  Yes, really.  I take the blogging side of this pretty seriously, and we’re trying to bring legitimacy to a field that still includes Rob Neyer for some reason, so if you’re a dodgers fan and you want to assist their games, you can go online to get la dodgers tickets which are perfect for all the fans.

One of the nice things about the alliance is that it gives us a chance to interact with other blogs.  And for the second year in a row, we here at the Lunatic Fringe got the chance to answer a few questions over at  Also known as C70 At The Bat, Daniel Shoptaw spends every spring asking questions of bloggers for all the other teams some questions, to let his readers know about what’s going on around baseball.

This year, in addition to us, three other bloggers responded: Daniel Day from the Ball Caps Blog, which isn’t about the Giants but is more general about baseball…but he is a big Giants fan; Richard Dyer from over at The Giants Cove; and Craig over at THE San Francisco Giants Blog.  They wrote detailed, insightful responses to all the questions.

Rog and I did what we did best.  We tried to make people laugh.  But it’s going to be really damn hard to do without Barry Zito to kick around anymore.

Anyway, if you want to check it out (you do, right?), Click Here!