It’s that horrible time of year again.  That time where the injuries are bigger than the wins.  The injuries that threaten to derail what was otherwise looking like a great season for your team.  Now you have to wonder what those injuries are going to do to your team.

Sometimes the injuries are obvious.  In 2011, Buster Posey went down with a serious injury.  Sure, he wasn’t the only one.  Freddy Sanchez’s career also ended a month later, and it’s kind of a shame that people don’t remember something like that, but it did as well.  Combined, missing those two sunk a chance to win back-to-back championships.  In 2013, it was more subtle.  Angel Pagan went down winning a game, and didn’t think he was even injured at the time.  There was a rash of balls hitting hands on bats.  Marco Scutaro was only off the field for a short time, but he was not the same the rest of the year.  Ryan Vogelsong missed months.  The odd thing was, the rotation did well without him, as Chad Gaudin stepped in very well.  But then, the bullpen fell down like a bunch of dominoes without him, a long-man who had been signed to a minor league deal that offseason.  You never know which injury will hurt the team the most.

So how do you judge which injury is the killer?  Do you go onto and try to figure out WAR?  Do you jump between and McCovey Chronicles see what the groupthink believes?  Or do you jump onto and see how far the oddsmakers have marked down the team’s chances to win the World Series?

Nah, sometimes you just need to wait for the MRI results.

Damn, I hate this time of year.