(Editors Note- Almost all the writing you see here is from Kevin, the writer of The Lunatic Fringe, but there is another 50% of the comic, my buddy Rog.  Here’s a quick message from him.)

Hi everyone! Kevin is usually the mouthpiece for the comic and I’m the silent partner hunkered down over a computer drawing until all hours of the night. But in this instance, I feel the need to give a little info about something that’s been going on with me. Without going into too much detail, late last year my doctor found something in my body that is, shall we say, “not good” and I’ve had ongoing doctors visits, medication and bodily scans for almost a year now. I found a great post to read that has a lot of information on radiology and the different scans that I had done. I was mainly looking for how reliable those results were usually, and if they should be trusted or if I should get a second opinion. The thing is, the way my issue gets resolved is pretty invasive, and risky. I learned a lot and found exactly what I was looking for. Seems I better go ahead with the procedure after these findings.

I’ll be undergoing surgery this week and hopefully this problem should finally be resolved. Once I’m out of the hospital I’ll be recovering for about 6-8 weeks afterwards. But “The Lunatic Fringe” will still go on! Kevin and I have arranged to have pre-drawn comics running while I’m unavailable and I’ll be drawing the comic once again when I’m back from my hospital stay.

I’d like to thank Kevin for being so flexible with my schedule during doctors visits and the occasions where I’ve struggled to draw due to not feeling well. This last year has been trying at times and Kevin has been very understanding with my situation.  And of course, I’d like thank each and every one of you for reading the comic and supporting us all these years. Our little web comic had grown so much and it’s because of every single one of you. Keep on reading and….GO GIANTS!!!

-Rog Hernandez