ClarkClark – The Hardcore Giants fan.  The legend (or so he claims), is that his parents named him after Jack Clark, a young player who Giants pinned their hopes on in the darkest of seasons.  He grew up idolizing another Clark, Will, in the late ’80’s and got his World Series heart broken for the first time in 1989, when he was too young to understand what that meant.  He has lived and died with the Giants, and the World Series win has only stoked the flames of his fandom.  He has season tickets that he shares with Jamie.  No one is exactly sure how he affords them.

JamieJamie – Clark’s roommate, and also a Giants fan, but with less passion than his roommate.  Clark often accuses him of being a casual fan, and sometimes it’s jokingly..  But where Jamie doesn’t have the passion Clark does, his love for the team is no weaker.  Jamie, however, is the responsible one, and often watches Clark’s outlandish behavior the way an older brother laughs and smiles at the follies of a little brother.  However, his realism does lead him to question Clark, and question just how far his fandom might take him.

RichieRichie – Richie’s size his only matched by his fandom.  However, the years have brought Richie down.  He sees the worst case scenario every time.  He can laugh with the best of them, but it’s rarely about the Giants.  Instead, he sees the worst possible outcome, and won’t complain about it.  It’s his defense mechanism, so he doesn’t get hurt again.  And yet, when the Giants won the World Series, he squealed like a school girl.

NyssaNyssa – A friend of Jamie’s, Nyssa tolerates Clark when she has to.  She doesn’t quite understand the love for baseball that the two share.  She’ll do her honest best to engage them when she feels she has enough patience.  She rarely does.  Still, her naivety about the sport does lend some laughs for Clark, when he has the patience for her.  The Giants offense doesn’t leave him with much patience for that.  That said, she has quite a passion for hockey, a sport that Clark looks down on, and also frustrates and confuses him a lot.  Her dog, April, doesn’t like Clark at all.

GinaGina – A baseball player all her own, Gina is a strong athlete who plays baseball herself and coaches kids, both boys and girls.  She can come off a little tough, and perhaps a little aggressive.  And even when she’s sitting next to Richie and Clark, she’s often the loudest one.  Her aggressiveness can even catch Clark off guard.  But her passion fits right in with all the fans, and she lives and dies with the team the same way the boys do.