Not too much pressure, Gary Brown.  None at all.

Look, I’m not trying to say that the Giants are in a rebuilding mode (They’re clearly not.  They are built to win in 2012…), but the performance of certain prospects are as important this year for the immediate future as they’ve ever been.

Two-thirds of the expected starting outfield are free agents, in Angel Pagan and Melky Cabrera.  So is Aubrey Huff and Freddy Sanchez.  So’s Jeremy Affeldt.  Oh yea, and Matt Cain (though I don’t expect him to go unsigned into free agency).  And that’s not all:  Mega-stars Tim Lincecum and Brian Wilson are due free agency after 2013.

Brown and Francisco Peguero’s performances are perhaps the two most important.  The outfield market in free agency next offseason looks pretty weak.  Whether the Giants overpay for some mediocre player, or have to get a one-year fill-in type of player, or count on rookies is all up to how they play.

I doubt it’d happen, but god, the defensive-lover in me is drooling over having Peguero in left, Brown in center, and Schierholtz in right.

And that’s before talking about how Heath Hembree’s performance will affect next offseason’s Brian Wilson negotiations.

I’m expecting a big season from the Giants this year, but the future is going to depend heavily on these kids in the minors.  Keep an eye on them.