That’s right, the prospect countdown continues.  Imagine that.  And we’ll have a special Saturday script for #1 tomorrow!  Not that it should be a surprise to anyone.  He’s the first consensus #1 prospect among Giants’ prospect watchers since…well, Buster Posey.  Okay, so that’s not THAT long ago, but still…

Francisco Peguero has been a controversial guy to put at #2.  Truthfully, he’s plus at four of the traditional tools (Fielding, Arm Strength, Speed, Batting for Contact), and average at the fifth (Slugging, though it’s line drive and speed driven).  But damn, he’s got a minus in the walk tool.  A big minus.  He walked just 12 times in 87 games (he missed the first three months with knee surgery).  But he doesn’t strike out all that often, either.  He just loves to swing.

Still, some think that the one minus despite his other tools dooms him to a 4th outfielder role, at best.

I have high hopes, however.  He should be interesting to watch this season.

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