Yeah…this is going to be a rather boring Spring Training.

We know who every position starter will be.  Yes, Pagan (barring injury) will be in left.  Everyone else is even clearer cut.

We know the five starters.

We know the bullpen.  Casilla, followed by Romo, Lopez and Kontos as the veteran guys, and Strickland and Osich as the young guys making an impression and Heston as the long man.

Maybe the bench has some questions…but pretty much, you’ve got Susac backing up the plate, Adrianza and Tomlinson in the infield and Blanco as your outfield backup, with maybe a spot open for Parker or Williamson, or another pitcher.

This is a boring Spring Training, but it’s reassuring that the team is pretty much set.

A lot of other writers will try to give lots of questions about what to look for, but there’s two questions really.

Is everyone healthy?


Is everyone going to perform well?

Which, you guessed it, two questions asked at every camp every year so we never really bother asking them.

Enjoy the quiet six weeks before the season starts, Giants fans!