Sure, the circumstances of Peter Magowan’s departure were a bit murkier (not exactly a firing), from a larger ownership group and not one that involved family…

And that’s before you discuss Bill Neukom’s departure, though that one was a bit more money oriented.

But Jed York is horribly unpopular with Giants fans, while Magowan, for all his faults, was beloved for saving the Giants for San Francisco.  York has consistently made horrible personnel decisions, and while I can’t blame him for moving the team to Santa Clara after San Francisco’s continual balking at a new stadium in The City, I can blame him for scandal after scandal with his new host city, and upsetting youth organizations from soccer to girl scouts and breaking deals.

The 49ers winning culture is not going to change until it changes at the top, and that means removing Jed York from any decision-making position.  And everyone knows that, except apparently the Yorks.