Sunday morning, for some reason I was awake when the earthquake hit.  I was in bed and all the lights were off.  I immediately knew it was the biggest earthquake I’d felt since 1989, but all I did was watch for the larger bookshelves in my room to be able to dodge them if they broke loose of their moorings in the wall and might tip over.

They didn’t.  I got on Social Media long enough to post a glib remark, and that was that.

Most of us in the Bay Area had no significant damage.  A few people didn’t even feel it.  But that doesn’t mean it was that way for everyone.

Relatively speaking, in terms of disasters, this was pretty well contained.  As opposed to earthquakes in other countries, where hundreds of thousands are affected, this seems like almost nothing.  But that doesn’t mean that this wasn’t a disaster to some people.  And these people are our fellow Californians.

There may not be a huge need for blood, but it’s good to donate just in case.  The key is, you never know when it will be needed.  There will probably be funds as well for those who were affected, though I’m not aware of any.

Go see the American Red Cross here.