It’s a great time to be a Giants fan.  Enjoy the next two weeks.

But…for hockey fans?

I like the Sharks.  I’m not nearly as hardcore into them as many of my friends, especially working in the southern part of the Bay Area.  But I enjoy watching, and going to games, and it hurts when they choke seemingly every single year.

Now, though, with Hockey going through another lockout too soon after losing an entire season….

How is it that hockey can screw up the good thing they’ve got?  All over the league they have good fans, but the San Jose faithful are an especially great group of fans.  Ever since they got their start at the Cow Palace, Sharks fans have been extraordinarily loyal and passionate.

But, like Warriors fans, it’ll only go so far.  At some point, they’re going to piss off the people paying thousands of dollars for season tickets, or hundreds of dollars for gear and jerseys.  You can only abuse your fans for so long.

Maybe this was the right season for the San Francisco Bulls to start playing.

In the meantime, Sharks fans, come join us for one wild ride.  I hope it helps.  Plus, I’m sure the Giants will actually win.