There are things to love about uniform changes, and things to hate.  The ‘Headspoon’ on the Giants’ main road jersey is something I hate.

Honestly, they aren’t the worst thing in the world on their own.  They can look pretty good in the right circumstances.  But on this uniform, it’s terrible because of how it breaks up the words ‘San Francisco’ on the front.  The piping isolates the ‘A’ in Francisco for no good reason.  At least on a jersey that has the coca-cola script across the front, the script will cover the piping so the words don’t get interrupted. But the piping never looks good with block letters.  Never.

Headspoons belong only with script, or with a logo on one side of the chest.  I hope this gets changed back next season.

Also, did anyone notice they switched the patches on the sleeves between the road and home jerseys.  The home ones now have the ball logo with the ‘SF’ on it, while the road jerseys have the ‘Giants’ ball logo.  Why?  I don’t know.  I guess Baer had to put his stamp on the team, and this was it.