A good friend of mine who occasionally serves as inspiration for Nyssa has been trying to get me to go to a Sharks game with her, but working out schedules has been hard.  She told me, “No pressure, we have the playoffs, too.”

I think she was a little surprised to see the Sharks barely holding on to their spot.

I think Bay Area fans have gotten a little too used to the Sharks being a regular season machine.  They’re like the Braves, except even less successful: the Braves made the playoffs every year for a decade, and only won the ring once.  It looks like the Sharks have missed their window.

In separate news, Rog has opened up a new blog where you can see the sketches he does.  Most recently, he did a Mothra sketch inspired by the Giants’ insect-related drama in Spring Training.  You can find the link up top or just click here.  If you’re a super-hero-comics fan, you’ll love his stuff.