Okay, there’s two ways to look at this August:

Optimistic: The Giants played like crap last August, too, and got beat bad by Philly and Atlanta that month.  We know what happened in October.  Anyway, except for the games pitched by pitchers with low expectations (Zito and Sanchez), the Giants played things tight, and were within winning distance in most games.

Pessimist: The Padres also played this way last August, and that’s the only reason the Giants won the division.

Guess which path we’re taking?

At any rate, the fight did make things more interesting.  Despite the calm, orderly responses issued by both teams after it, you could tell there were a few people itching to take out some frustration, and not just on the Giants side.  This is a good rivalry, and I really do hope they meet in the NLCS again.

But, G-men, come on.  You need to be doing a lot better.  Especially you, Beltran.  I really, really hope you’re not hurt, but dude.  We got you for RISP, not GIDP.  Just because the media won’t rip you like they do in New York doesn’t mean you can take it in stride.

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