Seriously, did Pablo Sandoval bring the Warriors a Giants-trademarked version of “Torture” or what?

Right now, I’m sure the Spurs are licking their chops at how the Warriors absolutely fell apart in the face of pressure, simple double-teams and pretty much any ballhandling that involved Jarrett Jack and not Stephen Curry.  At least the Warriors have a few days to figure out if Draymond Green can be the team’s point guard alternative.  And, you know, how to inbound the ball.

At least I stopped feeling nostalgic for the Warriors I’ve watched for years.

On the other hand, everything feels good about the Giants once again with a sweep of the Diamondbacks, just in time to let our confidence get suckerpunched by Clayton Kershaw.

I realize that right now, Barry Zito is one of the two pitchers I’m more comfortable with seeing go in this game.  I’m also starting to look online into information on how to escape weird parallel universes, because I don’t know when the one where I have confidence in Barry Zito will start to implode on itself like that warp bubble on Star Trek: The Next Generation.