For those of you unaware, Rog, the artist of the SF Lunatic Fringe comic, recently underwent surgery.  Ironically, he went in the day of the Wild Card game…and despite hopes he would be out by last weekend, that hasn’t happened.

For the past couple of weeks, the comics you’ve seen have been pieced together from old artwork and some prepared blank panels Rog provided me.  This is a completely new technique that’s never been done before, I’m sure.  But in the wake of the NLCS, I didn’t want to do that again

Last night was amazing.  I’ve been there for home run records, all-star games, and of course a couple of World Series, and I have never heard the park as loud as it was when Michael Morse hit that game-tying home run.  But I’m disappointed that Rog couldn’t make it.  (And, to just add insult to surgery, the hospital he’s at doesn’t have Fox Sports 1.)

There’s a lot of celebrations going on, and rightfully so, but I just wanted to take a moment and remember that we all have our own DLs in life, and there are people on them.  I know Rog is celebrating this (mostly because I texted him), but he should get a chance to be there.

Well, this isn’t the end of this year…and hopefully, not for many years.

Congratulations, SF Giants.  I can not wait to see Kansas City.