You know what’s sad in this day and age?  You go online to see ‘debates’ about the Giants and Dodgers, and someone, somewhere, breaks out a certain set of tired old slurs about San Francisco, and comments about certain serious diseases.

I know, it’s the internet, and I shouldn’t be surprised.  And I’m not.  Doesn’t stop the disappointment.  I see that, and I almost want to hear steroid attacks.  At least that would show a little creativity and basis in stereotypes from this decade.

I mock Dodger fans for not showing up, and I know that Dodger Stadium is a traffic disaster in a city of traffic nightmares.  I get that.  But there’s something different between Giants fans and Dodger fans the last dozen years:

Going to Giants games is cool.

Especially the last few years, the Giants have come up with a set of promotions that are amazing.  This week has been a pair of the best.  It’s not just a giveaway…it’s a whole theme.  Mascot costumes, scoreboard displays, special commercials and guests…  It’s an event.

I don’t exactly go to Dodger games, but it sure doesn’t feel like they’re events.  Hello Kitty?  Really?  Apparently, the first giveaway was Japanese Heritage Night.  So…Hello Kitty.  You know what the Giants gave away on their Japanese Heritage Night?

A Sake Set.

You tell me who’s making events at the yard cooler.

Of course, cool events don’t make a team better.  But a packed stadium, every single night, rooting the team on…that sure can.

So, in short…Suck It, Dodgers.

Also, thanks to Joseph Pun of AZG Photography for pointing this out on Twitter, and letting me blatantly steal the comparison from him.  He’s an excellent photographer and Giants fan in Arizona, who takes some great pictures of spring training and the summer and fall prospect leagues that play there.  Check out his site!