Don’t think this is an issue?

Go to Google, and type in Dinger.  Guess what the first suggestion Google gives you is?

Please, only do this with Safe Search On.  Trust me.

Google Suggestions for ‘Dinger’.  Please only do this with Safe Search On.  Trust me.

Seriously…When your stupid antics are a higher suggestion than your own name, you’re an idiot.  Or you’re Charlie Sheen.  Not that the two are mutually exclusive.

The Rockies fans don’t like his antics of Dinger behind home plate.  Even the beat writer for the Denver Post thinks it’s ‘Bush League.’

Mascots may be one of those parts of the game that hardcore adult fans dislike, and they seem to be around more to be the butt of jokes than to cause actual, intentional laughs.  That’s why the Krazy Krab lived.  Say what you will about the Giants in the 1980’s, but they were ahead of their time in Snarkiness.

But Dinger goes beyond bad taste and cheesiness.  Get his purple butt and jelly-bean colored head out of the game, and keep him in the commercial breaks where he belongs.