Well, this weekend sucked.

I don’t think the Giants need a big overhaul, or even a single big trade.  They just need the players they have to step up.  Everyone other than Brandon Belt was terrible this weekend, and even Belt wasn’t spectacular.

Want to know what the Giants need to improve on?

• Overall offensive ability.  They have a .697 OPS, 11th in the NL.

• Batting with runners in scoring position.  They have a .230 average (13th in the NL), and a .648 OPS (15th in the NL).

• Hitting right-handed pitchers.  They have a .687 OPS , 15th in the NL.

• Relief Pitching.  They have a 3.48 ERA as relievers, 7th in the NL.

• Pinch hitting.  Their .162 average is tied for last in the NL with Atlanta.

Now, Marco Scutaro will help a couple of those areas, particularly the last one.  But this team has hitters.  They can hit.  But it’s up to them to start putting it together, especially with Pablo out.

Time to man the you-know-what up, Giants.