It’s weird to have this many off days so close to each other, right?  I’m not exactly going back to previous months to check, but when was the last time the Giants had three scheduled off days in a week that wasn’t about All-Stars?  Or any team?

The Giants will play 16 in a row before the next break, including three road series and two home series.  Compare those three off days to the months of August and September, in which the Giants get two off days in each month.

I agree with what Mike Krukow said…it’d be nicer to get one of these off in August, when the weather’s hot and the season’s been wearing down players, but before the roster expansion.  The Giants will have a humidity special road trip in mid-August, playing three in Washington and three in Miami, though they do get an off-day before the trip.

I’m used to June having weirdness in its schedule, probably because it used to be the usual month for Interleague play.  Not saying that we should stop Interleague play, but the cause is there.  Don’t know how it translates this year to that, though two of this week’s three offdays did bookend a series with Toronto, which was a two-game home stand.  So maybe it’s still all about the interleague.

Anyway, maybe it was fortuitous to get these extra days off in the middle of Pagan and Panda’s injuries, reducing the number of games the Giants play without them.  Perhaps it’ll end up being bigger than an extra day off in the stretch.

But…now I need to find something to do with myself.