Seriously, I haven’t seen a single non-San Francisco publication tell us about why we should be watching the Giants, or why the defending champs are the favorites.

The Dodgers are better, because now they have their ex-Red Sox for a full year, and now have Zack Greinke.  Never mind that most of the new Dodger players just outright sucked before coming to Los Angeles.

The Angels are better, because of Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, C.J. Wilson and Josh Hamilton all being on the same team.  Never mind that they didn’t even make the playoffs last year with all those guys except Hamilton, even though half the division did make the playoffs.

The Blue Jays are better since now they have most of the Miami Marlins, who also didn’t make the playoffs.

The Giants don’t have a ton of position battles to worry about.  Even the one spot that’s got two players (left field) is pretty much known to be a platoon going in.  But that doesn’t mean they don’t have storylines.

• How is Tim Lincecum going to do this season?  What is his relationship with Buster Posey like, and what will he do ahead of free agency?

• What will happen with Marco Scutaro, who was hotter than Ted Williams on PEDs after his trade, now that he’ll be spending a full year with the Giants?

• Is this the year that Brandon Belt shows the reason why online Giants fans like him like most of the internet loves cats?

• Will some of the young Giants prospects, like Gary Brown or Joe Panik, bounce back from down years they had in 2012, and show their promise once again?

• How will former uber-prospect Angel Villalona perform now that he’s back from three years of exile after a murder charge?

• Not to mention the yearly watch of Pablo Sandoval’s weight.  Now we have Hector Sanchez to watch as well.

Instead, it’s al about the teams that made big trades, or big signings, or who are just spending lots of money.

Fine, the Giants will be underdogs, again.  But don’t expect the champs to like it.