Yeah, it’s probably going to be Gregor Blanco.

I really don’t mean that to sound bad.  Gregor Blanco has two World Series rings.  Grego Blanco has been a defensive replacement, platoon starter and replacement starter multiple times in three years with the Giants, playing in over 140 games each season.  Gregor Blanco saved Matt Cain’s perfect game with an amazing highlight catch.  Gregor Blanco led off a World Series game with a home run.

Gregor Blanco is not a bad player.  But we also know that Gregor Blanco is not a great player.

But it’s fun to imagine the possibilities.

Is Justin Maxwell going to be this year’s Brandon Hicks, a flash in the plan?  (After going hitless in his first 10 at-bats…probably not.)  Is this the year that Gary Brown finally breaks out?  (A double and homer in four hits, and two stolen bases?  It’s not at all bad, but not enough yet)  Is prospect power hitter Mac Williamson going to surprise everyone?  (A half-season at Double-A does not make a major league replacement…well…except for Matt Duffy)  Is Travis Ishikawa going for an encore of playing left field?  (At 5-for-10, Bochy might be thinking about it…but Ishi’s only playing first base.)  What about Jarrett Parker?  (He’s batting 5-for-13 with a pair of walks…but he’s more likely to be the replacement for Brandon Crawford or Angel Pagan as the team’s best hair.)

I’m really, really rooting for Gary Brown.  I just love the skill set, and the raw talent is there.  Perhaps he platoons with Blanco to get his chance, even if he actually hit right-handers better last season.  But a speedy guy, at the end of the lineup, putting a little pressure on pitchers…and maybe even a double or three…I like speed.

But no matter what kind of an opportunity there is for another young player to step up, we all know the truth.

Yeah, it’s probably going to be Gregor Blanco.