So, if you haven’t figured it out, Sunday will be the annual Dog Days at AT&T Park.  It’s a lot of fun, even if the Giants can’t beat the worst team in the league.  Go out to the bleachers, and mingle with the pack.  And, if you see a very happy golden retriever doing the Snoopy Dance…well, that might just be April.  But don’t bet on it.  There are a lot of Golden Retrievers out there.  It might just be Fred.

While you’re waiting for Dog Days, what you can do is head on over to and vote for The Lunatic Fringe in their 2011 Web Awards.  We’re just happy to be nominated for Best Local Online Cartoonist….no, wait, we’re not.  We want to win!  So please go vote for us!

Find us in Category 15.