I know what that feeling was like in the ballpark.  The one right around the fifth inning.

It felt like a Tuesday.

Seriously, it felt like a Tuesday.  In July.  This was just another game the Giants go through.  They were taking a mediocre pitcher, and they were making him look good.  They were swinging under balls and getting high, feckless pop-ups.  There was no urgency, there was no threat.  They were just swinging away, and heading back to the dugout.

Sure, there was some bad luck with lineouts.  And there was absolutely some great defense in the outfield by the Royals that killed rallies before they could start.  And while Michael Morse woke things up in the sixth, the team behind him still followed through with its attack, unable to get RBI base hits, just an RBI groundout, to end a rally a little short.

Just like the other rallies came to.

This is not a game that will haunt me.  This was a regular game.  The Giants had a lot of these, and they did not always follow over into another game.

But tonight, of all nights, they can not have just a regular game.

Hey, at least they can’t blame the Giants for having a watered-down infield tonight, right?