Yes, Jim Harbaugh came into a good situation with up-and-coming players.

Yes, Trent Baalke deserves some credit for (mostly) picking up good players in the draft and some savvy free agent moves to build the roster.

Yes, the Niners have had times where the team is frustratingly inconsistent, or occasionally comes off flat in big games (like the Super Bowl).

I still don’t believe the 49ers do any of what we’ve seen the past three seasons without Harbaugh.  Not this fast.  Not as daring as to replace Alex Smith essentially midseason.

The Niners have had quite a few coaches the last decade.  A couple of good ones, a couple of passionate ones, but none were the right ones.

Jim Harbaugh has been the right one, flaws and all.

Do what it takes to keep him.  Seriously.  Can we move on to the actual season at hand now?

P.S. – ESPN, that is not an invitation for non-stop Yankees-Red Sox coverage.  Please.