I’m not a big fan of the ESPY’s.  Awards shows in general aren’t my forté, and one about sports just feels like a “Me too!” moment.  When I was younger, I loved the MTV Movie Awards, because they were a goofy spoof of it all.  Now they take themselves way too seriously, just like every other awards show out there.

Plus, I understand the timing behind it (The day after the All-Star Game, no major sports leagues are playing, so the most people can make it), but it hurts baseball, because all of the nominees are so last year.

Which is why I can understand about Lebron James winning best championship performance from voters, many of whom can barely remember March.  They’ll point to Lebron having a couple of fantastic games (which is true), and stealing that Game 2 in Golden State (also true).

But here’s some reality for you: He wasn’t doing it alone.  That Game 2 and Game 3 were won more because of the over-their-heads play of Dellavedova and Iman Shumpert, who were impressive.  That’s okay, because every championship has someone come out of nowhere on the biggest stage.  David Lee?  What’s telling is that, when his teammates faded away, James could do nothing.  Sure, James had a triple-double in a losing effort in Game 5.  But his style of play led to the worst loss for the Cavs in the series, not helping his team at all.

Madison Bumgarner did not take away from his teammates.  He simply stepped up when his teammates needed him to.  Let’s be honest, the 2014 Giants were not the strongest of teams that the Giants had built, and with Buster Posey scuffling a bit in the playoffs, they were underdogs all the way through.  Bumgarner was not the only player who stepped up in the playoffs, but what he did was historic, especially in how pitchers are handled in today’s game.  He absolutely dominated when he was out there, doing things that few pitchers do in today’s game, especially in his Game 7 relief performance. In terms of looking at stats alone, maybe you can be swayed by dominating individual stats.

But when it comes to do what is needed to be done to win…no one did more than Madison Bumgarner.

(I would accept arguments for Carli Lloyd, though, however she was not nominated for this year.)