There’s been a lot of hubbabalo about the Seahawks restricting sales to only “Local” states (somehow including Hawaii) for the NFC Championship game.

The truth is, most of it’s hype.  It’s labeled as Seattle restricting sales so that California fans couldn’t go (in fact, the first time it was reported mid-day Sunday, the headline included Carolina fans, since, you know, a few people thought they might win).  And I haven’t seen the same reports blasting Denver for doing the same thing against Patriots fans.

And I honestly get why…ticket resellers in the age of the internet can be from anywhere, and they will resell ANYTHING.  Seriously.  Some Apple Device owners may have noticed that the Apple Store now requires people to sign in with Apple IDs before they can make an appointment, which makes it difficult for anyone who can’t remember passwords.  You know why?  Because it became a thing to freakin’ scalp Genius Bar Appointments, so to put some measure on preventing free appointments from becoming scalped, you have to sign in.

And, sure, this won’t stop scalping.  But at least the Seahawks are helping try to ensure that any financial gain helps their local markets.  And, really, Idaho and Montana REALLY need the help.

So I don’t really hold it against them for the policy…

But I’ll absolutely still make fun of them.  Because, seriously, I hate those guys.

Oh, and before anyone goes all nitpicky, read the hover text on the comic, okay?