So, yes, this week we’re going to talk about Barry Bonds and the Hall of Fame.

If you don’t know what my position is on this controversial topic, then I’m glad that hockey’s back for you because get out.

There’s a lot of back and forth on this topic, but let me go over my positions on the semi-controversial parts:

• Barry Bonds used steroids.

• He wasn’t the only one, by far.

• I don’t like steroids or drug use in general.

• I’m not going to ignore what he, or any other known or suspected drug user has done on the field, with or without it.

• Steroids are not a magic-talent-maker, like finding a flashing star in Super Mario Brothers.  Because Alex Sanchez.

• The Hall of Fame has other cheaters in it, and yes, probably some steroid users we don’t know about.

• The sportswriters who are so high and mighty about this are the same ones who voted him 4 straight MVP awards even while (at least some of them) were writing about him, and other home run hitters and major strikeout pitchers, promoting this.

• Thanks to the exposés, we believe Bonds did it because he didn’t like all the attention put on McGwire and Sosa.  So the sportswriters ARE kinda responsible, aren’t they?

• Also, anyone who condemns Bonds for doing that because it was against the law, and then smokes marijuana, is kinda a hypocrite.  Just saying.  Kinda like anyone who has a tattoo, and then complains that being gay is immoral because the bible says so.

So, there’s my position.  Any questions?

In all seriousness, we were all to blame for why steroids became so popular.  Everyone was.  Even sportswriters, and especially us fans.  I cheered Bonds, I admit it.  And it might have been wrong, but if it was, it would mean turning my back on the game until someone else did something about it.  I couldn’t.  Could you?

And that’s why I get outraged when someone else who was just as responsible gets all preachy about it.  Especially a lot of those people.

Steroids were an unfortunate part of the game, but they were a huge part of a huge era.  And no one should ignore it, because if anyone’s going to be better, they need to remember the past, all of it.  The good and the bad.  That’s why we celebrate both Ty Cobb and Jackie Robinson.

So, this week, you’ll get to see me preaching.  And I’ll try to stay away from the obvious things, other than today’s mention of the MVPs and the hypocrisy of sportswriters.  Maybe you’ll learn some things you didn’t know about Bonds.

Enjoy, and yes, please feel free to disagree.  You won’t change my mind, but at least it’ll let me know someone’s reading.