Sometime today, we’ll find out who the Hall of Fame class of 2013 is.  I fully don’t expect to see Bonds on it, even though he should be.

Everyone is a little confused by what should be going on this year.  ESPN’s review of their 18 voters on staff showed just one player making it in: Craig Biggio.  The Baseball Blogger’s Alliance, of whom I am a voting member, also selected just one: Jeff Bagwell.  One ESPN writer decided to not vote for anyone, although I’m pretty sure that’s a cry for help and attention.

That’s okay, I’m sure eventually reality about the era (you know, that it happened) will sink in, and these people will stop trying to avoid it like the deep south mostly likes to avoid talking about race relations for the century from 1870-1970.

Until then, the things that Bonds did will stand alone, and continue to amaze me, both on paper, and in memory.