Our final installment about Barry Bonds, and why he should, eventually, get into the Hall of Fame.

I think it’s a little ridiculous that no one got voted in this year.  It was one of the most amazing ballots in years, steroids or not, and no one got in.  But this may be just the shock the Hall of Fame needs to do something about this and change things, or give a clearer direction of what the Hall of Fame is.  We wouldn’t be getting the calls that we are now if Craig Biggio or Jeff Bagwell had gotten in.  Hopefully, those demands are something that last.

I love that the Giants dominate the 300-300 club.  6 of 8 players in the club are ex-Giants, even if one only was here for a couple of months.  But it is impressive that no one is in realistic danger of joining Bonds in the 400-400 club…steroids or not.