Well, that trade came as a surprise.

Even though I’d seen some rumors not long before, I didn’t really think the San Francisco Giants were going to make a move on Eduardo Nunez.  But even so, I wasn’t expecting the Giants to actually get another infielder, and one who might not be a starter.

That’s where the big question is, of course.  Everyone’s going to expect Nunez to start until Duffy comes back, but when Duffy comes back, will the Duffman just get his starting job back?  Even before he got hurt, he was having a downer of a season.  Nunez has been slumping a bit himself recently, though.

Hell, at this point, I don’t think even the Giants have decided for sure on wha will happen when Duffy comes back.  At this point, it’s just another jigsaw puzzle piece for Bochy to piece together.

Still, Nunez gives the team some real speed, whether it’s in the lineup or off the bench, and he has been good overall this year.

As for losing Mejia, it seems like a high price to pay, but then, considering the prices mentioned for relievers, I doubt he alone would’ve been able to get any of even the middle relievers on the market.  It’s a tough pill to swallow, but hey, at least the Giants got a helpful piece without giving up a huge package of prospect.  But there’s no doubt Mejia will be a future major leaguer, though there are some questions about if it will be as a starter or reliever.

Could he have been one of the starters in 2017, with Peavy leaving?  Maybe…maybe not.  But at this point, the Giants clearly will wait until 2017 to talk about 2017.