Boy, it hasn’t taken long for San Francisco sports to fall back into some doldrums.

Sure, you can blame both teams’ struggles on injuries.  When Angel Pagan went down, not only did the Giants have to rely on two guys who are, at best, average major leaguers for offense, but they also lost an incredible table-setter for guys like Sandoval, Posey and Pence.  Marco Scutaro’s hand issue did not help that.  And when Vogelsong went down, even though he was one of the worst starters in the majors at that point, having to bring Gaudin to the rotation out of the bullpen absolutely destabilized the bullpen, which was further complicated when Casilla got hurt.

But…a lot of guys were playing way under what was expected of them, too.

And with the Niners, how many receivers are hurt?  Losing Crabtree was huge, but also Manningham and Davis?  Colin Kaepernick had to try and throw passes to Garrett Celek yesterday!  The Colts knew they could cover one guy and effectively wipe out any quality in the passing game, which also helped them shut down the running game.

But…Kaepernick also looked shaky, and threw a lot of balls that receivers didn’t have a chance to catch.

Legitimate reasons to suck or not, San Francisco fans have gone from a World Series championship and a Super Bowl berth to a near-cellar dweller and a football team that looks bad to start the season.  That means you’re going to hear the angry San Francisco fans come out….

The Fringe is coming back!  Beware….