Seriously, folks, this isn’t much of a big deal.

Barry Bonds is back with the San Francisco Giants as a hitting instructor.  For, like, a week and a half.

Don’t get me wrong: I love Bonds, and steroids or not, he knows more about hitting than just about anyone else in baseball, now or ever.  His batting eye was uncanny, and steroids don’t do that.  I’m glad he’s back.

But it’s a week and a half.  A lot of former Giant greats are invited to do this.  And Bonds has always wanted to coach.  It’s a logical first step for him, now that the legal things are pretty much over.

A week and a half won’t change the team.  He won’t give Pablo Sandoval the magic walk potion in a week and a half.  He won’t help the injuries.

But, it will be fun to watch the media whip themselves back up into their special kind of fury, once again.