…June is coming.

Last year, the Giants were 10-16, a .385 winning percentage.  That’s the 8th worst June winning percentage since the Giants moved to San Francisco, by this chart (which McCovey Chronicles put together in the middle of last year’s swoon).

Looking at the charts, the swoon isn’t truly a yearly thing.  We’ve seen it quite a few times in the last 25 years.  2013 (a .370 winning percentage) was pretty bad, and it led into an awful July (.308) that sunk that season.  But a lot of the other really bad years were really far out.

2014 was a real game changer, though.  The Giants started the month on top of the world, and won 7 of their first 8 games.  Then…they went 2-15, and it wasn’t clear that the Giants would even be in a playoff hunt.

And then they won the World Series.

That said, even if June Swoons are a let less common than our memory tells us, June will forever hold a sour place in Giants’ fans hearts.  And watching Santiago Casilla and Brandon Crawford suddenly become vulnerable to mistakes as June is right around the corner, and….

This is going to be a rough month, even if the Giants end up winning more then not.