So…we got to hear some of Pablo’s feelings, and…


I’ll tell you what I have always thought of the Panda.

I remember watching him in San Jose, always with a smile on his face.  I remember him stealing the groundskeeper’s cart and driving off, at maybe 3 miles per hour, and him going “Vroom vroom” while doing it.  I remember him as a major leaguer, but dropping by a San Jose Giants game, legitimately surprising the front office.  He even had bought tickets for him and his friends, and watched from the stands, among awestruck fans.

He is one of the most good-natured people I’ve ever met.

That just made these comments hurt more.

Most notably, there was no mention of us fans.  Not positive, not negative.  But none whatsoever.

Giants fans certainly chewed on Sandoval at times, mostly for the things that Sandoval seemed to constantly chew on.  When the team was negotiating the ill-fated extension in the spring that never happened, a lot of good Giants fans doubted that Pablo was worth what he was asking.  Of course, Sandoval went on to have a truly indispensable role in the World Series again…but never considered coming back.

Who knows how Pablo will fair in Boston.  It’s a better park for power, but a much more competitive market both among players and fans.  Especially fans.  He won’t get a lot of passes, and the heavier he is, the worse the fans will treat him.  And then there’s his devotion to being a third baseman for the length of the deal with Boston, and not switch to designated hitter…right…

So many fans have had rather awful reactions to Pablo’s interview, burning jerseys and panda hats, but….I just can’t.

To me, Sandoval’s still the guy who was having so much fun on the field.

And…he’s still the guy who one day will be on the Giants Wall of Fame along King Street.

But for the time being…well, we aren’t talking.