Marlon Byrd.  He’s 37 years old.  His batting average is among his career lows, and lowest since 2006.  He’s got a .286 on-base percentage this season.

But he can hit homers.

Really, that’s what he’s here for.  He’s here to provide a little power in place of all the injuries.  And when Pence comes back (which I do hope will be relatively fast, but I fear won’t be), Byrd will be that bench piece the Giants have been missing all season, a guy who can come off the bench and put fear in pitchers’ eyes.

Well, other than Bumgarner.

And Byrd usually isn’t this low-average, high power guy.  He’s got a career batting average of .275 and a career on-base percentage of .330, both acceptable for power guys.

The Giants definitely need him.  I just hope not for too long.

Oh, and the Giants are his ninth team, and 7th since 2012.  He’s used to the travel.

The price?  Stephen Johnson, a right-handed reliever who was in Richmond.  Johnson was a 6th round pick in 2012, and has had a solid, but nondescript, career as a Giant minor leaguer.  Other than a combined 4.64 ERA in his first half-season, Johnson has been consistently in the mid-3’s ERA-wise, and had a career-best 3.41 ERA with Richmond.  He’s had three years of 10+ K’s per nine innings, though he’s had some wildness (4.5 BB/9 this year is his best rate).  He is a guy with high velocity, recording regular fastballs in the 95-98 range in college, though I couldn’t find more recent reports.

The truth is, he quietly has been a high upside guy in the bullpen, and he’s not a nobody prospect either.  He wasn’t going to show up on any Top 10 prospect lists, but he’s a guy who has the potential of being at the end of a bullpen, maybe even as a closer if he can take control of his pitches.  But…the Giants have quite a few of those prospects, so they dealt from depth, and hey, they got another animal-minded player.