Throughout all the other playoff failures in the Bay Area, the Giants are doing awesomely well.

They’re in the midst of the season’s most difficult roadtrip, playing three of last year’s playoff teams on the road.  They started with the team that’s actually in first place right now, and swept them!  It’s the first sweep ever in Turner Field (just in time, it seems), and the first sweep in Atlanta since the 1980’s.  That puts the Giants 2 games up on the Rockies, and gives them the third-best record in the majors.

And…we still aren’t talking much about them.

This is an interesting time for the Giants.  Cain caught whatever Affeldt has had the last couple of years, and is going to miss at least one more start.  And the team still isn’t hitting with runners in scoring position, which is partially attributable to Sandoval and Belt sitting in the 5th and 6th spots and still mostly slumping.

But once the Giants get through this stretch (which includes three more against the Braves at home after this roadtrip), things get a lot easier.  Through the end of June, they’ll get a slumping St. Louis, a competitive Cincinnati twice, and the underachieving Nationals, and couple of series against a Colorado team I’m still not convinced is a threat, and otherwise, a lot of middle of the road and worse teams.

Keep it up, Giants.