This is coming up because of fans booing after that beanball to Posey.  The moment that Posey got up and started walking (gingerly) to the dugout, suddenly fans started booing.  WHEN HE GOT UP.  I yelled at the fans in my section (which I almost never do), and got into it with people on Twitter.

Screw this.

This is a longstanding tradition.  It doesn’t matter who it is, your team or the other team, or how he got injured.  When the injured player gets up, and either leaves or chooses to stay in, and the trainers leave, YOU CHEER THE PLAYER.  Period.  No asterisks, not even for Puig.

There are many opportunities to voice displeasure at the Injurer.  Right after it happens.  As the Injurer takes his place again (or leaves the field).  When he comes back onto the field.  When he bats next.  Many, MANY chances.

But when the central player of our team is walking off the field, maybe for the last time in a long while, you stop your anger and cheer him.  Because we won’t get the chance to cheer Posey for at least a week, and maybe more.

Yes, I’m still angry about this.  I may start up the Casual Fan Retraining again.