Awesome.  But not amazing.

This team did crazy things.  It won tough game after tough game, and then they cruised.  And then, one last tough game.

But it was not amazing.  Not to the Giants fans who followed this team this year.

The team was built for productivity, not glamour.  Nearly every single one of Brian Sabean’s moves paid off in one way or another, from Scutaro to Blanco, from Pagan to Pence, hell even the end-of-Spring Training trade of a third catcher for George Kontos.

Then Bochy toyed with them perfectly.  Send Lincecum to the bullpen and not have him sulk?  Sure!  Throw Zito out in Game 1 of the World Series?  Of course.  Ryan Theriot the designated hitter?  All according to plan.

This was the Giants.  Everyone across the country who got a taste, I hope you liked it.  It’s not sexy.  It’s not glamourous.  It even has the most extreme crazy eyes ever (thank you, Pence).  But it’s the fundamentals.  It’s making contact, and drawing pitches.  It’s catching the ball.  It’s running hard.  And it’s having the 8-9 guys hit as well as the 3-4 guys.  And, oh yes, it’s pitching.

This team ain’t going nowhere, they’re staying right here.

When does 2013 start?