Seriously, the Eddy Julio Martinez thing was a screwup.  Maybe it wasn’t as underhanded or as unusual as one would think…which doesn’t really make it better.

Eddy Julio Martinez was a Cuban outfielder, considered one of the top prospects still on the market  The Giants’ reported signing of him would cap off a great international season for them, which would be great, because the penalties incurred by them will mean the next two seasons they won’t be signing any big names.  But the Cubs came in after the deal was leaked to the press, offered him a half million more and got his actual signature on a contract, instead of just an agent’s.

You can read more about this here.

One can’t not point out that an even bigger star, Lucius Fox, was signed to the Giants after the Dodgers had a handshake deal with Fox, so the sword cuts both ways.

But, realistically, the international free agent market is a mess, and baseball needs to fix it.  Soon.