Do the Giants need Chase Utley starting this week?  Yes.

Do the Giants need Chase Utley starting after the end of this month?  Definitely not.

Chase Utley is trying to do what’s best for him, and I get that, and I understand that, and I don’t blame him.

But when a team is trying to win a championship, there needs to be a team-first attitude.  And that’s not what it sounds like Chase wants.

But perhaps Chase needs to look at Michael Morse.  Morse was an older(ish) veteran who was going to be a free agent, and didn’t have a starting spot on an NL team going into the playoffs.  He didn’t bitch.  He was ready when called upon.  He was called upon often.

He got a nice two-year contract for it.  That’s where I’m stopping the story, because he’s still getting paid for it.

If Chase doesn’t want to play for the team, that’s fine.  The Yankees have playing time.  Good luck!