So, Damon Bruce is back on the air.

A two-day suspension was incredibly lenient for what the current world would view as prejudicial and downright ugly views on half the world’s population.  Incredibly lenient.  Like 1990’s era baseball punishments for steroids lenient.

Coming back on the air, Damon Bruce tweeted this:



So he wants a chance to earn trust back.  Sorry Bruce, your chance was the day after, when the mandatory apology would come.  And what we got was another rant, more along the lines of “I’m sorry I talked about women, but the problem is still women, I’m just not targeting women sportswriters anymore.”  If you’d like to read the “apology”, you can do so here.  But the sum-up quote really does sum it up.

The whole point I am making is that everybody who gets offended by something has to make a federal case out of it. So in a way you helped me make my point, and I’m tired of it. Everybody grow up a little bit.

Does that sound like an apology?  Does that sound like someone who has learned anything?  Even in his latest apology, he said “I officially touched the Third Rail,” seemingly implying he shouldn’t have talked about feelings that were there, and apparently still all.  Now, it seems he’s only sorry he talked about it.

Damon, you had your chance.  You haven’t shown any lessons learned.  And frankly, after that first non-apology, few people you upset will believe your apologies from here on out.

What I do know is that 1050 is now no longer saved on my various radios for browsing for things to listen to.  The national shows are boring, and I’m honestly not interested in hearing what Damon Bruce, or any advertisers paying for him, have to say.  I’ll check out 95.7 and see what they’ve got.  (I admit, I still remember the days it was Z95.7, for the music spectrum somewhere between K101 and Live 105.)  Maybe Lee Hammer doesn’t give a crap about me, or apparently half of the potential audience of his station, and…well, that’s why he’s lost me other than games and maybe Fitz and Brooks, and Marty Lurie.

It’s your sandbox, Damon…but it’s not the only sandbox in town.  KNBR had better learn that, or else you might see KNBR become The Sports Loss Leader.