Happy 1st Birthday to The Lunatic Fringe!  A year ago today, we posted our first comic.  Thank you to all of you fans.  It’s been a heck of a year, and here’s to another one (with a World Series win again, too boot).

Winners of our 1st Birthday Drawing will be announced later today.

As far as predictions go, they’re meaningless.  They always have been.  And yet, every year, I look to see who is picking the Giants to win.  I don’t really look at the other teams or divisions, I just want to see who’s picking us.  But when I saw Pantone’s new Color of the Year, I couldn’t resist.

We like predictions in this country.  Whether it’s Mayans or Sports Illustrated writers (I don’t know who’s less reliable), we read them religiously.  It doesn’t matter if we really believe they’ll happen, we just like seeing them done.  One of these days, maybe we’ll hold the writers accountable for being consistently wrong year after year, but until then, keep picking.

Just remember, in 2010, every writer on ESPN and SI picked the Phillies to win the NLCS.  Nope.  Only one picked the Giants to beat Texas.  Good job.

Has Pantone ever picked any winners?  Well, for the most part, no.  Since Pantone started this promotion in 2000, there’s only two correlations that are even close.  And you’re going to hate this.  In 2002, they picked ‘True Red‘, which is honestly a bit darker than the Los Angeles Anaheim Angels, but it fits.  In 2003, they had “Aqua Sky“, which is pretty damn close to the Marlins.  When the Giants won in 2010, they had picked “Turquoise“, not to be confused with 2005’s Color of the Year “Turquoise Blue“.

My favorite was 2006’s “Sand Dollar“.  My guess is that they were trying to pick the San Diego Padres road uniforms.

Yea, predictions are stupid.  I still can’t wait to see them when they come out next month.