There are so many more panels we could have done.

UR 35 – The Dave Dravecky Comeback Game

Family Pavilion – The first game against the Dodgers in September, a win 1-0 with the lone run being a Barry Bonds home run.  (The next day was the Brian Johnson game, which I was not at).

LR 14 – The first Giants-Dodgers game (and my first that I went to) after the strike, in a strangely empty stadium.

In the wind tunnel concourse behind LR 14: Meeting Lauren Holly during the filming of “A Smile Like Yours”, not recognizing her at first because she was bundled in a Parka, since the filmmakers thought she should’ve been wearing a tank top and a short skirt at a ballgame.

And on the field when my buddy and his singing group sung the National Anthem, my first ever field pass…

There are a lot of great memories there.  I love AT&T Park, but it doesn’t negate the memories.

What are yours?