In the wake of Matt Cain’s contract extension, I’ve seen the doubters come out across the country.  There are those who talk about how pitchers are never worth their long term deals.  Some doubt Cain would’ve gotten that much in free agency (those are the idiots).  Some use WAR to say he’ll never be worth the money.

Screw all that.

I’ll say this.  If the Giants can resign Tim Lincecum after 2013, there’ll be a small part of me worried about how much he’ll get, and for how long.  If the Giants can resign Brian Wilson, there’ll be some pangs of worry.  Hell, I was a guy who wrote that the Giants should’ve hardballed Buster Posey when he was seeking a then-record deal for a draft pick.

But there are no regrets and no worries about this deal.  None.  Good on the Giants.  Good on Matt Cain.  Let’s go win the damn Series!

Play Ball!